Fourth year at the top spot for water2business

Fourth year at the top spot for water2business

MOSL announces national water retailer water2business retains its position as the number one performing retailer against Market Performance Standards.

Fourth year

Following the release of the 2020-21 Market Performance Standards report by Market Operator Services Ltd (MOSL), national non-household water retailer water2business is named the highest performing retailer for the fourth consecutive year.

MOSL closely monitors the performance of water retailers and the 90,000 transactions that take place in the market every day. Its annual Market Performance Standards report outlines levels of performance across all market processes, all of which can affect the service that non-household customers receive and the smooth running of the retail market.

The 2020-21 report confirms that water2business, which serves more than 80,000 customers across the UK, achieved a top performance of 95.1% against expectations, compared to a market-wide average performance of 87.7%.

Charley Maher, Managing Director of water2business, said: "We pride ourselves on the service we provide our customers and the importance we place on ensuring our levels of compliance are second to none. We are extremely proud to retain our top position for the fourth year in a row and are already looking closely at how we can further improve for the year ahead.

“Due to the impact of Covid-19, the number of tasks and interactions with customers were affected throughout the retail market due to many businesses temporarily closing and remaining vacant for months at a time. The number of tasks per 1,000 supply points at water2business is the second highest in the market, meaning we continued to take affirmative action to support customers, whilst delivering the best compliance results in the market.

“It goes without saying that it has been an incredibly challenging year for customers and retailers alike, however I am incredibly proud at the speed, initiative and innovation that has been on display by the water2business team throughout a period of great uncertainty.”