Water Efficiency

Here’s why it pays to be water efficient:

  • Business savings in increased operational efficiency, reduced production costs and on site water treatment costs, and energy savings
  • Reduced effluent volumes can be the result of less water consumption and, in many cases, lower effluent treatment or disposal costs.
  • Good ROI on recycling and reusing water investments
  • Reduced carbon footprints and better social responsibility

We can work with you to help increase your water efficiency and do it in a number of ways:


We actively promote water efficiency among our customers so can run health checks in your business to uncover inefficiencies and identify potential savings thus ensuring optimum water performance and reducing waste.


Measure your water usage data through our smart meters that use wireless telemetry to communicate readings, as often as 15 minutes if needed. This real time analysis will help you identify spikes in usage, which could infer leaks or inefficiencies in practices or processes.


With businesses to run it can be a time consuming process to keep an eye on all your utilities too, so we take the hassle out of managing your water consumption by developing a tailored programme to monitor progress and help you reach targets.


If you’re running your business across multiple sites or just want to see how you compare with industry standards then benchmarking is a useful management tool to set realistic targets and use key performance analysis to see how you measure up.