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    With a proven track record in the water industry, water2business can offer your business tailored water and wastewater management services. Whether it is expert advice on water efficiency to help your business reduce costs or detecting and repairing leaks on your premises, our team are here to work with you. We can monitor your trade effluent and advise on consent needs or provide you with expert advice on grey recycling.

  • Monitoring your business use

    There is likely to be a water meter installed at your premises. It means your business only pays for the water and wastewater services it uses. You can monitor how your business uses water and keep a control on costs by checking the meter regularly.

    Water meters

    Tracking technology for your business

    The monitoring of water consumption has been revolutionised by automated meter reading technology, sometimes called smart metering. Giving you real time data on your water usage, this technology can help your business to track usage and save money too.

    Automated meter reading
  • Does your business need consent?

    Is your business discharging non-household sewage to the public sewer?

    If so, you will need to get consent. From large food and drinking manufacturing sites to car washes and laundrettes, all these businesses need trade effluent consent. Car valeting services and cleaning operations need consent too. Consent is required because trade effluent discharge can have harmful effects.

    Trade effluent consent
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