• Water audits and benchmarking

    Being water efficient is one of the best ways to save money on your water bills. 

    What is a water audit?

    A water audit will identify inefficiencies and potential savings. Waste water services

    Benchmarking will enable you to review your water performance across your various business sites and work out where best to focus your efforts.

    Benchmarking will:

    • provide important information on your water consumption
    • identify the least efficient sites
    • enable you to compare your company's performance with your peers
    • help you to identify areas of improvement.

    A water audit consists of three key parts

    Desktop analysis

    We will conduct desktop analysis by validating your bills and ensuring you are on the optimum tariff. We will also analyse historic data to identify consumption patterns and periods of abnormal usage.

    Site visit

    A site visit undertakes a systematic approach analysing your water network, appliances and usage across your premises.

    We will look to identify any leaks, areas of wastage, or inefficiencies in water usage.

    During the visit, we will speak to facility managers, site managers and key members of staff to gather an understanding of water practices and processes to determine whether any improvements can be made and if water efficiency training could be of benefit to your business.


    Finally, we will provide a written report summarising our findings.

    The report will highlight any excess consumption with recommendations on how to reduce usage.

    Advice will be given on how to improve practices and what devices can be installed to increase efficiency, with a summary of potential savings.

    We can work closely with you to set targets and objectives and ensure the information collated is effective in driving efficiencies.

    When problem areas are identified, we can help you to introduce water saving techniques to ensure best practice across your business.

    We can work with your team, providing training where necessary and equipping you with the tools to maintain efficient processes and ensure optimum performance.

    Any business can benefit from a water audit. If you'd like to reduce your water bills, a water audit is a great place to start.
    If you think your business could benefit from a water audit, then contact us to find out more.
    The cost of a water audit will vary depending on your business requirements. If you are interested in a water audit, contact us for a personalised quote.
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