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    We can undertake independent sampling and analysis of trade effluent discharges to check your compliance with consent conditions and to verify the effluent strength and charging purposes.

    Trade effluent sampling
  • Automatic sampling

    You can also buy or hire an automatic sampling machine. 

    This may be a good option if you currently rely on spot sampling for trade effluent monitoring or you require frequent analysis to comply with consent and licensing.

    Our automatic sampling machines can be tailored to your needs to provide either a bulk composite sample or up to 24 discrete individual samples taken over a fixed period. 

    Using the equipment will ensure you obtain a comprehensive and representative profile of your trade effluent discharge.

    To discover more about our automatic samplers and to purchase or hire equipment, please contact us now.

  • Trade effluent flow measurement

    Your sewerage wholesaler may require you to install and maintain suitable trade effluent flow measurement facilities. This will be required to monitor compliance with your trade effluent flow and/or load limits.

    Accurate trade effluent measurement is the preferred method to calculate discharge volumes for charging purposes.

    Combined with a wastewater sampler, it enables flow proportional composite samples to be taken for accurate load assessment and billing.

    We can provide expert advice on the most appropriate measurement system for your site from the range of technologies and providers within the market.

    Using an online portal, trade effluent data can easily be viewed and downloaded. The data can also be viewed alongside your main water supply if you have opted for our AMR service.

    We can also arrange installation and calibration of flow measurement devices on request.   

    Contact us to find out more about how you could benefit from trade effluent flow measurement.

  • Waste minimisation survey

    What is a waste minimisation survey?

    A waste minimisation survey provides a detailed breakdown of effluent generated throughout business operations and processes. 

    We produce a report with recommendations to prioritise and target prime wastage areas for reduction in effluent loads and charges at source. 

    How can my business benefit from a waste minimisation survey?

    A waste minimisation survey will help your business improve efficiencies in trade effluent processes. You'll also receive expert support to reduce biochemical oxygen demand, chemical oxygen demand and suspended solids and bring down trade effluent costs.

    The survey will also provide benchmark analysis against similar businesses to establish whether you are operating best practice or if there is scope for improvement.

    Who is a waste minimisation survey suitable for?

    A waste minimisation survey is suitable for any medium or larger business that has significant trade effluent costs. The surveys predominantly benefit the food and drink sector that have high water usage and effluent disposal costs.

    How much does a waste minimisation survey cost?

    The cost of a waste minimisation survey will vary depending on the complexity of your business and the volume of discharges. If you are interested in a survey, please contact us for a personalised quote.

    How do I get a waste minimisation survey?

    If you're interested in getting a waste minimisation survey contact us to find out more.