• Trade effluent sampling

    Trade effluent sampling is required to:

    • assess trade effluent strengths and loads
    • provide representative data to enable accurate assessment of trade effluent compliance with consents
    • obtain representative trade effluent charging data

    The sewerage wholesaler will normally take a mixture of compliance (audit) and charging samples.

    Compliance samples are usually spot samples whereas 24-hour composite samples are the preferred sample method for charging. 

    The sampling point and access arrangements must be approved by the sewerage wholesaler.

    As a responsible business, you should take regular samples to ensure you are remaining compliant within your consent parameters. You should not solely rely on sewerage wholesaler analysis; this can put you at risk and may not provide an accurate representation on your discharge patterns. 

    This is where we can help you! 

    We can undertake independent sampling and analysis of trade effluent discharges to check your compliance with consent conditions and to verify the effluent strength for charging purposes.

    Using a UKAS accredited laboratory, expert analysis is conducted providing you with a detailed and accurate report of effluent quality. 

    Sample collection and courier services are also provided if required.

    Contact us to find out more information about our trade effluent sampling service.

  • Automatic sampling

    You can buy or hire automatic sampling machines which are a good option if you require frequent analysis to comply with consent and licensing.

    Automatic sampling
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