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    Here to help your business

    Whether you need advice about water saving devices or want a water health check carried out, our team of experts are here to help your business. You will find a wealth of information in this section on water efficiency, smart metering and sustainability as well as a reminder about how to pay your bill. If you need more information or have a query, please contact us.

  • How does your business measure up?

    Our team can carry out a water health check to help you identify any inefficiencies and potential savings within your business. Benchmarking will enable you to review your business' water performance across various sites or compare it with your peers. 

    Water audits and benchmarking

    Get smart with metering

    Real time data about your company's water consumption can be vital in helping to identify trends and alert you to possible problem areas such as leaks or faulty equipment. Smart meters provide data as frequently as 15-minute intervals.

    Smart metering
  • Advice on a device or two

    Investing in water saving devices can cut your business' water use dramatically - one device could lower it by as much as 98%! Find out about the devices we would recommend if you want to cut your water consumption - and your water bills too.

    Water saving devices
  • Top tips to save water

    Small changes to the way your business operates can lead to big savings in your water bills. Fixing leaking taps, fitting water saving devices in bathrooms and purchasing efficient appliances are three ways you can cut water use and lower bills. Our team have put together their top tips on how you can save your business water and money.

    Water saving tips
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