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    Get smart with data and get to grips with your water consumption.

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    Automated meter reading technology, AMR, has revolutionised the monitoring of water consumption. It uses real time data to track usage as often as every 15 minutes. Data can be provided for your whole site, or for larger or more complex sites, it can be split using sub meters.

    Also known as smart metering, AMR is slightly different in the output but what both technologies share is the ability to help you - and us - spot gradual or sudden changes in water use.

    Changes in water use could indicate leaks, inefficient practices or processes, or problems with valves, etc. By spotting these as quickly as possible you'll decrease water loss, avoid additional and unnecessary costs and reduce disruption to your business.
    • analyse the data
    • identify any anomalies
    • compare performance across multiple sites
    • contrast your consumption with peers.

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    Any business can benefit from AMR but businesses that use a large volume of water, such as manufacturers, or have large or complex sites, such as hotels and farms, can benefit significantly.

    If your business has had issues with leaks, you'll also benefit from AMR as you'll be able to identify leaks and get them fixed quickly.


    If you're interested in getting AMR, contact us to find out more.

    Before we install AMR, we will discuss with you which areas represent the best opportunities for savings to be made.

    You can choose to buy the AMR meter outright or choose to lease it from us for an agreed period of time. We'll install and maintain the meter and we'll also set alarms to let you know if there are changes in your consumption above or below set levels.

    We will monitor the data for you but you will also have access to it so you can keep an eye on your own usage. We will also send you a monthly report and advise you on where we think you could make efficiency savings.

    The cost varies depending on the requirements of your site. If you are interested in getting AMR, please  contact us  to find out more.

    There are a number of payment options to choose from so you can select what works best for your business.


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    Businesses without a meter pay for water based on the premises' rateable value rather than usage so switching to a meter could help you save money.

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